Hello All/Urban Fiction

Hello, my friends. I hope you embrace me as an urban fiction writer bent on bringing quality and orignality to the genre. My focus is to change the game…I know it sounds cliche, but its from the heart so follow me(not a twitter ref). I don’t read much. As far as authors go, I may read the least. Still the same, the streets have been talking. I’m hearing that the books are feeling impersonal, too fictional, etc. Who am I to judge Ito this nonsense. Instead, what I’d like to do is give the streets fresh characters they can feel, real environments to move through, and above all else, a feeling of satisfaction. Isn’t that an author’s job? No one gets out of life alive, so if you’re gonna spend time cuddled up with a book it should be worthwhile. What’s so bad is that a book is so contained within itself. If a chapter is lame, you can’t just skip it like a cd. When an author puts the ink to paper or fingers to keyboard, magic should be made. My debut novel will be out later this year. I don’t care if I have to publish it with createspace, at least it’s something published and different out there for the readers. If you love it, lemme know why. If you don’t, same thing. I believe Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of our time because he understood what people wanted, even before they said it out of their mouths. I know that I can feel a void. Believe me when I saw the streets need new blood to push the envelope. 09 or Never, baby.

6 Responses to “Hello All/Urban Fiction”

  1. Intertested in reading more. Keep it coming ! good luck

  2. I can’t wait to read more.

  3. Dee Ballard Says:

    What a good read. Thank u for being so original!!!!

  4. cre8tivelygiftd Says:

    wow…I loved the imagery.

  5. It was a very sexy and unique read

  6. Hey, I started reading the novel awhile back and got pulled away on a project. When I came back to finish. It was gone. Please bring it back!!!

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